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Body & Face Art Prep

Please refer to our 'Policy' pages to learn more about our policies

*No Aspirin  Advil, alcohol or any other blood thinners at least 48 hours before your appointment (if you are required to take a blood thinner by your doctor, please contact us).

*If you have any reference  photos of what you'd like, please bring them with you.

*For face art, please do not cover the area you are having tattooed with any foundation. 


*No heavy perfume before your appointment. We are a small studio and other clients being tattooed may be very sensitive to strong scents.

*It is recommended that you eat at least a few hours before your appointment. Coming in on an empty stomach may cause low blood sugar while getting tattooed.

*It is recommended to avoid caffeine the day of your appointment as it may make it difficult for you to remain still.

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