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Brow Prep

Please refer to our 'Policy' pages to learn more about our policies

*You absolutely MUST be at least 18 years of age. Providing a valid, un-expired ID will be required at the beginning of your appointment.

*You CANNOT be pregnant during any tattoo procedures.

*If you are not pregnant but are currently nursing, please notify our scheduling coordinator right away.

 *Please try to grow as much of your own natural eyebrow hair as possible (no matter how unruly they seem) so we have more natural hair to work with. 

Your brows will be shaped perfectly with your approval and unnecessary hair will be waxed.

*No Aspirin, Advil, alcohol or any other blood thinners at least 48 hours before your appointment

(if you are required to take a blood thinner by your doctor, please contact us).

*If you choose not to let your brow hair grow out, do not tweeze, wax or thread brows for a minimum of 4 days before your appointment.

*It is required to wait at least a week after your appointment before continuing with your normal waxing, tweezing, or threading.

*If you dye your brow hair regularly, it is required to hold off for at least 4 weeks after your appointment to allow your brows to FULLY heal.


*Electrolysis should not be done for at least one week prior to your appointment. 

*Wear your normal makeup to the procedure, with the exception of foundation.

*It is recommended to avoid caffeine the day of your appointment as it may make it difficult for you to remain still.

*It is recommended that you eat at least a few hours before your appointment. Coming in on an empty stomach may cause low blood sugar while getting tattooed.

*No heavy perfume before your appointment. We are a small studio and other clients being tattooed may be very sensitive to strong scents.

*After brows are healed, wearing foundation near or over your brows will cause a concealer affect to your brow color, making the color look different than intended.

Try and avoid skin colored foundation over your tattooed brows.

*If you have had botox done in the past 3 months, please notify our scheduling coordinator to set up an in-person consultation with your artist. Botox manipulates the face and some treatments may have to completely wear off before moving forward with your appointment

(this is not always the case).

For Hairstrokes:

If you have more oily skin and/or larger pores, it is recommended that you have a powder brow done.


If you choose to move forward with hairstrokes,  it is very possible that your hairstrokes will slightly blur together in the future. This may require a soft powder brow and/or a lightening session to be done in the future.

Please note that artist recommendations are strictly professional opinions and we cannot predict exactly how pigment will hold and react in your skin over time.


You can see the difference between powder brows and hairstrokes through our artist's online portfolios.

For further information regarding this, we recommend a phone consultation or complimentary in person consultation.

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