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Liner Prep

Please refer to our 'Policy' pages to learn more about our policies

Do not drink anything with caffeine on the day of your appointment to reduce eyelid fluttering. 

Do not wear contact lenses to the procedure or for 5 days after. 
Bring sunglasses to wear home. Eyes may be light sensitive.

Do not dye or perm lashes for 2 weeks prior and for 4 weeks after. 
Do not use eyelash curler the day of the procedure. 

If you have had any type of eye surgery, consult the physician about how long you should wait before having a permanent eyeliner procedure or if you can have the tattooing done at all.

Please wait until your eyeliner is healed to see if you will need a touch up appointment before you get lash extensions put on. Lash extensions should be removed at least 5 days prior to your appointment to prevent excessive eyelid skin sensitivity. 


*Please advise us IMMEDIATELY if you have used any lash thickening or lash growth serums (Latisse, Rodan & Fields, etc.) The use of Lash Serum WILL cause unnecessary bruising, swelling, bleeding and possible pigment migrationIt is very important to let your artist know how long you have been using the lash growth serum or how long you have stopped using it for.

Please be aware that your artist will be working on your eyelids and you need to be able to have them touched without scrunching them tightly or shut.

Scrunching them will result in not being able to tattoo them properly and will result in additional swelling and/or bruising of your eyelids, as well as a result you may not be happy with.  If this is something you do not think you can not do, then reconsider having permanent eyeliner done.


This procedure is not for everyone. You will need to maintain yourself in a relaxed state while being tattooed. 

Scrunching your eyes and stiffening up will cause your blood pressure to rise in your face and WILL cause excess swelling and/or bruising.


There is no guarantee that eyeliner colors will stay 1--% black. Your skin tone and variations in your personal pigmentation can create a cooler or more blue toned hue that cannot be 1--% predicted. Steps are always taken to ensure minimum cooling of the color.​​

If you are prone to seasonal allergies, taking an antihistamine such as Benedryl can help with your eyes watering though the process, which is extremely conducive to a quick procedure.

It can also help with swelling.

Arnica is amazing to keep swelling and bruising away!

You can purchase Arnica homeopathic tablets. We recommend 5 tablets under your tongue 3 times a day every day for 10 days prior to your procedure. Continue this for 10 days after. It really works wonders!



Having your eyeliner tattooed really is more of a mental hurdle than a physical one. It numbs up excellently, but if you scrunch or do not let your artist tattoo the area with ease, pain may be increased by the act of not relaxing.


Healing can be exponentially quickened by letting yourself have a relaxing time while having an awesome service with a beautiful end result.

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